This story is about the arrival of the first family of Chinese ancestry to Canada who landed in Barrie on the shore of Kempenfelt Bay and settled at Allandale village. They had a little girl named Mei Ling. Since she was already of school age she was enrolled at a nearby school where she met Richard a native of the place. When her parents noticed that Richard had an interest to their daughter they moved her to another school to avoid Richard. In Chinese tradition intermarriage was not allowed. But one day they met again by fate along the shore that rekindled their blossoming love for each other. They set a date to ride a sailboat along the bay. His brother saw her sister talking with Richard, hurried home to report it to their parents who were very furious. They decided to send back Mei Ling to China to marry a man of their choice. When Venus, the Goddess of Love learned about this. she appeared to Pao Ming Tan, mother of Mei Ling in her dream and advised her to let her daughter follow the beating of her heart. Both parents disagreed. Mei Ling sneaked out of the house to meet Richard. They started out in a very good weather paddling leisurely. Then suddenly the atmosphere changed. Big and dark clouds formed in the sky. When it started to rain, gusty winds swayed the sailboat until it capsized and the lovers were thrown out to the water. It came to pass that it was the fury of the Goddess of Love for not following her advice. Two white trumpeter swans rescued them and brought them to the shore. To everyone's amazement they became two rounded stones but in the springtime two plants began to grow bearing white and yellow flowers in the month of September appeared for the first time, the love of Mei Ling and Richard lived forever. I wish that everyone young and old will come to understand the essence of my story that racial and cultural differences exist until today. It is marked by the first appearance or origin of these white(Canadian Race) and yellow(Chinese Race) beautiful Canadian Chrysanthemum flowers hence the title of my story "White and Yellow Chrysanthemum" a historical romance that happened in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. It was translated into Chinese language and published in Geneva, Switzerland, selling as an e-book in China at taobao.com. I self-published it with Createspace selling at amazon.com, amazon.ca and kindle e-book. Libraries can get a discounted price by contacting createspace.com.