On my part I had to talk to people and communicated through emails and phone calls, researched the facts until I figured out  the message of freedom, independence and love. On the other hand, Mr. Mather added the text and cut the unwanted scenes from the collected data then worked in solitude during the final phase. This documentary film blended the Labor of Love and concerted efforts of Canadians, the musician, the narrator and the technician, meeting the graphic designer at the Community Wholeness Center to show my draft of the heart, the photoshoot, picking up my hat at the Legion and so on and the Filipino creativity being involved with  my sister who shortened its length to its full completion, had forged a special relationship between the two nationalities and strengthen the friendship ties of Canada and the Philippines.

I have to extend my hundredfold gratitude - Grace Padua

Copies of the DVD are available by sending an e-mail to:, or calling 705 726 2144